Punta Penna Beach is one of the few wild and free stretches of the Abruzzo coastline. It is a beautiful beach of soft golden sand long kilometers, which is behind the beautiful dune formations that together with those of the beach of Vasto Marina represent one of the best preserved natural habitats of the whole coast. The dunes are dotted with rare vegetation and populated by animals such as the real gull, the gull and the frog. To get to the Punta Penna dunes you need to cross the industrial area up to the beginning of the pedestrian path, then passing through a wooden staircase that goes down to the shore. The sea is beautiful, turquoise, crystalline and transparent, with shallow and sandy bottoms, ideal for swimming, swimming and practicing various water sports. The waters at Punta Penna are so clean that it is not unusual to see specimens of sea turtles and turtles.