Caldoresco’s Castle

Walking in the historic center of Vasto you can visit the Castello Caldoresco (1439), which was built by the Sienese architect Mariano di Jacopo by the wish of Giacomo Caldora, the feudal lord and lord of Vasto. One of the most important monuments in the city, the castle is right in the historic center of the city and looks out over Piazza Rossetti and Piazza Barbacani, dominating the whole coastline and allowing you to enjoy a magnificent seafront promenade. The Castle Caldoresco was born as the central hub of Vasto’s defensive structure and was built using precise military techniques to limit a possible wall vulnerability. At the center there is a medieval courtyard, almond bastions, two towers, and four wallcases with a moat and drawbridge.
There are many ancient churches in Vasto, some of which have to be mentioned for their importance: the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, the Cathedral of St. Joseph, the Church of St. Peter.