Terms and condtions

The owner and operator of the B & B Le Mansardine portal, the related service provider, is Di Totto Gianluca, based in Vasto (CH)
Portal Object and Service Offered. Extralberghieri bed & breakfast services. The B & B Le Mansardine site offers b & b rooms booking and information about the surrounding area.
To have access to the features and services of the Le Mansardine Site, you do not need to register any accounts. The Le Mansardine Site reserves the right to store the data acquired at the time of booking. To proceed with the booking process, the User must provide his / her name, surname, address, e-mail address. Additional personal information is merely optional. The User – Consumers, with the same reservation, exempts the Le Mansardine Site from any liability arising from the misuse of sensitive data by third parties who have come to know in any way. All bookings must be matched with a valid e-mail address referring to the User – Consumers that they serve.
The User – Consumer guarantees that all the data and information provided at the time of booking are truthful and complete. The User – Consumers also undertakes to communicate in a timely manner any variation of the mentioned data and information, by updating them within the booking change page.
The User – The Consumer agrees not to provide false or misleading information, including fake names, addresses, and contacts, and commits you not to use fraudulently credit or debit card numbers, not to attempt to circumvent the Site Security measures Le Mansardine or violating the network, using the services of the Le Mansardine Site for purposes other than business transactions, engage in any illegal activity in connection with the use of the site and / or the services offered by the Le Mansardine Site.
Le Mansardine does not warrant that the services offered there, that is, the Le Mansardine Site, are free of viruses or other elements that may cause prejudicial effects on any technology.
Suspension of service and resolution. Access to services on Sito Le Mansardine and its Site Le Mansardine may be suspended, limited or discontinued at any time. Site Le Mansardine reserves the right to block access to any material and / or to remove any material that, in a reasonable and unambiguous judgment of the Le Mansardine Site itself, may result in violations of the purposes and conditions of the services offered by Le Mansardine Site. The Le Mansardine Site reserves the right to close any user’s account – Consumer who violates the terms and conditions of use expressed in this document.
Commitment to cooperate with the Authority. Site Le Mansardine undertakes to cooperate, cooperate and operate in any way with all competent authorities, including the judicial authority, where they order or require the Le Mansardine Site to communicate the identity or location, as well as additional data , of anyone responsible for any infringement (fraud, etc …).
Personal data. The Le Mansardine Site invites the User – Consumers to consult the terms and conditions governing the processing of personal data, which form an integral part of these “Terms and Conditions of Use of the Le Mansardine Site”.
Portal content. All rights reserved. In particular, all intellectual property rights (such as copyright, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade marks, designs, both registered and unregistered) on the Le Mansardine Site, and in particular in the “Archive Notices” section, as well as any content published or accessed through the services provided by the Le Mansardine Site, all the databases managed by Site Le Mansardine, texts, graphics, software, photos, videos, music, sounds, underlying source codes and all software, and in general all the information offered and contained in the Le Mansardine Site, are the property of the Portal, or the Owner, who offers to rent their rooms on Sito Le Mansardine.
Any material listed above may not be reproduced, redistributed or copied, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, published, or transmitted in any form or by any means, sold, leased, subdivided, used to create derivative works or exploited in any in the absence of the prior and express permission of Le Mansardine Site.
General clauses. The Le Mansardine Site disclaims any and all liability in connection with any breach of the Le Mansardine Site and is subject to these Terms of Use of the Le Mansardine Site for Force Majeure and for any cause not attributable to Site Le Mansardine.
This “Terms and Conditions of Use of the Le Mansardine Site” contains all the terms agreed between the parties regarding the subject of the services offered by Site Le Mansardine, which excludes and prevails on any agreement or agreement previously passed between the parties, whether orally or in writing. No statement, commitment or promise may be considered, derived, explicitly or implicitly, from any oral or written statement made by the parties in the course of further negotiations.
Communications. Except as otherwise stated in this document, communications between the parties must be made in writing and delivered by hand, by e-mail, fax, registered A / R.
Applicable law. The applicable law, these Terms of Use, and all legal relationships between the Le Mansardine Site and the Users, the Navigators – Consumers, Customers and Users – Consumers, refer in particular to the Legislative Decree of 6 September 2005, n . 206, containing the “Consumption Code”, and subsequent amendments and amendments, including Legislative Decree 21 February 2014, no. 21 “Implementation of Directive 2011/83 / EU on consumer rights, amending Directives 93/13 / EEC and 1999/44 / EC and repealing Directives 85/577 / EEC and 97/7 / EC”. For any dispute, the competent court is Vasto (Ch).
Mandatory general information ex D.Lg. n. 70/2003. According to art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 70 provide the following general information:
Registered office: Street Via Camillo De Lellis n 19 (ITALY)
Head office: Via S Camillo De Lelli Street 19 (ITALY)
E-mail address: info @ lemansardinevasto
C. F. DTTGLC82C17E372P



Via S. Camillo De Lellis, 19 – 66054 Vasto (CH), Italy
phone number:
+39 333 39 85 131