An oasis of wild and uncontaminated nature extending for 5 km from Punta Penna Beach to the south of the Sinello River North, established in 1998. You can reach the Riserva, about 10 km north of Enormous, along the state road. The flora of the Reserve is Mediterranean. Here grow the euphorbia, the cakile maritima, the gramina, the sandstone amphilita, the yellow poppy, the sea lily, the myrtle, the sea calf, etc. … The fratino bird, which deposits the eggs in the dunes of the area, is the “mascot” of the Reserve. But in this natural paradise, those who love birdwatching can enjoy the passage of many species, from the largest flamingo, to tarabus, kestrel, gerbil, heron, tusks, nitticora, sterne, the sword falcon and the cormorants.
Access to the reserve and the beaches is free! The whole coast is in a homogeneous appearance, sometimes made of sand, now crags of dunes and rock. An intense blue water, transparent seabed is the natural habitat of dolphins and sea turtles. Within the Regional Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci lies the beach of Punta Penna, bordering on the Port of Vasto. The beach is uncontaminated and wild, and is rich in dunes representing the “home” ideal for several species of rare animals. You access the beach through a wooden staircase. To the south of the beach is the Punta Penna Lighthouse (1906), which from its 70 meters dominates the promontory near the port of Vasto. Right next to the lighthouse is a small Romanesque church dating back to the 14th century, Santa Maria di Pennaluce.